James bond casino royale poker scene

james bond casino royale poker scene

In the fierce Texas Hold'em game in Casino Royale, James Bond looks If we start by looking at online poker, this pot is far from realistic. Read more about this here: net-face.eu casino - royale - poker - scene /. Casino Royale - Poker Scene 2. Periodik. Loading. .. Phil Hellmuth: I am 11 bracelets champion you F$%^ing. Casino Royale - Partita a poker "Scala Reale" - Duration: PianetaCult , views ·. If they had simply written LeChiffre to have A8, it would have been fine. What does Bond gain by bluffing? Plenty of people fold full houses, especially in tournament play. Recent updates 1 Omega Seamaster Comm And that's my point. Doch bevor er seinen Plan in die Tat umsetzen kann, erfährt Bond in Venedig, dass Vesper Lynd durch Erpressung gezwungen war, den Terroristen das Geld persönlich zu überreichen. If this hand were in a random movie played between the main characters, and neither character is known for his poker skills, then it doesn't really matter.

James bond casino royale poker scene - schaute ich

By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. He only has a flush on a board with paired aces. Of course, if we saw everyone's cards, Bond should fold on the flop on any all-in since he only has non-spade straight outs. Also, earlier in the game, with Bond holding AK on a board of AKKJJ, there's a slight argument that he could have folded, since there must have been some intense pre-flop action with his AK vs. If Bond had perhaps a flush or even A4 or A6 full house, he'd likely just call LeChiffre's raise -- and lose. If we start by looking at online poker, this pot is far from realistic. The von zu hause geld verdienen of spades appears on the board as the 4 th community card the royal ascot day 3. Filme von Martin Campbell. Felix Leiter, Mathis, Villers Betting grand national odds Kill Count: All copyrights for products, logos, images etc are held by their respective owners. He's not going to have a at that point. There is a big difference between these games . james bond casino royale poker scene Poker, on the other hand, is not. I remember local bars hosting tournaments, and I was even in a tournament when it literally got seized by the California Gaming Commission. Do you see how crazy it would be to fold because Bond "only" needs A8? Nachdem er kurz vor dem Ende des Turniers nur knapp dem Tod durch eine von Le Chiffre veranlasste Vergiftung entgeht, gewinnt Bond das Turnier. He has a straight-flush draw, and is not going anywhere with that hand. And on the turn all players check! Re-watching that after I started playing poker about years later made it even more cringe-worthy, especially after having lost money in a similar fashion. It was a winner-take-all tournament, i. Do you fold or go all in or just call? He has to call, but I would not look as comfortable as he does in that situation. KsQs and 88, presumably there'd be at least one raise, if not two raises -- so I don't know how Bond would still be in. Sic bo or dai siu casino game. SkyFall See the list of SkyFall clothing and gadgets.


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