Skivaffär helsingborg

skivaffär helsingborg

Sound Pollution i Gamla Stan. Throughout his adult life, he has been sitting there in the little booth behind the window in his shop. And honestly, he also makes clear that the business not always is a fun hobby. There was most of it, even a big record department. Bo Karlsson eventually disappeared from the radio store, but continued a rather turbulent life in the record store business. It took me a week to just pack. Stig Lennart verkar vara lite speciell idag. Now he works with service in the subway. Record Hunter startades 1986 och Beat parkteater västerås 2018 Goes On 1987.

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But it was something mising. Ringde telefonen samtidigt blev det kaos. Det fanns inget liknande i Sverige. The difficulty in getting good and easy-to-sell records. Record stores disappear but some are still there. Blandat sortiment, mest vinyl. There you could find, for example, all the records from the legendary Finnish record label Love Records. Men vi fick ingen kontakt. Not to own or not to trade. Casablanca changed ownership and got a new form in 2008, and shut for good in 2014. Here you would find shops such as Puss Kram, Impo, SkoUno and Klara Arbetarebod.

It closed in 2001. Stefan Jacobson is now 63 years old and nobody can remember like him and tells about what's happened in the world of records in Stockholm over the past 45 years. 100,000 records in stock says the owner.