Kfc göteborg halal

kfc göteborg halal

that if hes no longer allowed to serve certified halal chicken, hell lose his Muslim customer base and will likely be forced to close four of his eight locations, putting as many as 80 people out of jobs. Multiple answers below (and to similar questions on quora) illustrate the level of credulity in people. KFC is a brand and operating segment, called a concept, of Yum! Since I saw a man with a skull cap buying from KFC, it must be halal. Consider a hypothetical scenario, where you walk into a restaurant that serves along with the usual pleasantries, liquor and pork too.

kfc göteborg halal

Genom att fortsätta använda godkänner du detta. KFC franchisee in Chicago is suing the chain after being told he cannot serve halal buckets of chicken. Afzal Lokhandwala owns and operates eight.

Sigh, how childish the scenario, yet how pathetically real and omnipresent around us; millions of Muslims eating non-halal meat and suppressing that fragile voice of their conscience with such flimsy arguments. From India in 1989. Hence you apply reasoning and refrain from further eating there. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois ruled that KFC has the absolute right to approve or deny any advertising by franchise owners in their stores. Courthouse News, kFC Hit With 20M Lawsuit Alleging Chain Underfills Chicken Buckets. The owner of the franchises, Afzal Lokhandwala, a Muslim, sued KFC, arguing that the chain had initially agreed to allow him to advertise that his chicken met Islamically approved slaughter requirements beginning in 2002. Find a halal restaurant - /find-us? The chain said it could also not certify that some chicken parts were not cross-contaminated with nonhalal or nonkosher parts. You might be procuring it from a multinational company that supplies non-halal meat across the world. The KFC outlets listed on this site have been reported to fall into this category. We only buy high quality, Grade A, farm-assured chicken from trustworthy suppliers, who are contractually required to meet or exceed all relevant UK and EU legislation and this will not change.