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andy bernard cornell början

tax he puts upon. 1925 in Wilkes-Barre, PA 1925: Buried July. Delno Fritz, who arrived this morning on the Manao with a troupe of entertainers, is billed as the 'world's greatest sword swallower.' But sword swallowing and the swells of the briny deep don't go well together, Fritz reports. Also in this issue: "It is rumored about the show that Delmo Fritz has discovered the fountain of youth. The father swore that he heard Maud hotell som tillåter hund uppsala say in the presence of her husband that she was locked in a room in Boston without food for three days and three nights (Sept 9-12, 1895?) and had to pawn her watch and opera glasses to keep. Then the Manao hit a big swell, and the sword did something it does not do when the performer is on terra firma. While in Europe, the late Queen Victoria commanded the amazing American to appear before her and the royal family. While performing together sometime between September and November 12, 1894, sword swallower Delno Fritz married 16-year-old actress Maud Churchill at the New York City Hall. De Aldine 1897: Barnum Bailey Circus US tour 1897: Oct 10 : Ninth and Arch Dime Museum Philadelphia PA 1897: Oct 25: Farewell party in Wilkes-Barre, PA 1897: Oct 26: Leaves Ashley PA for European tour with Barnum Bailey Circus 1898: Barnum Bailey Circus.

andy bernard cornell början

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During his stockholm à la carte kort pris time in the UK, Delno Fritz bought and owned a few theatres in Scotland during the ten years he lived in the. The bride, though only 18 years old, was divorced on March 9, 1896 from William Fritz, an actor, who ill-treated and abandoned her, making her condition intolerable and life a burden. In 1925, "Del m o" Fritz was featured as the sword swallower in the Tod Browning film "The Unholy Three" (released August 16, 1925) ( photo ) with Lon Chaney. In 1915, Delano Fritz and Maud D'Auldin were featured as sword swallowers on the. According to an article published on January 13, 1894 in the Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, PA "In the curio hall of the Harry Davis' Eden Musee, Coffey, the dude skeleton, will hold receptions, as will Delno Fritz, a famous sword swallower." According to an article. Delno Fritz was also featured in the film "The Man Who Laughs" ( photo ) that was released in 1928. On May 5-6, 1899, the Barnum and Bailey Circus performed in Nottingham, England and travelled between cities on 4 huge trains, each with 17 carriages, with Delno Fritz as the featured sword swallower. His parents gave their consent and he started on his travels which ended at his home town yesterday.

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