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90:- T/R barn 4-11 år senior. All ships had to stop in Helsingør to get their cargo taxed and pay a toll to the Danish Crown, but it also generated a significant trade for the town. Yes, and pretty hard to believe someone from. Biljett kan endast köpas i hamn (check in för bil) Pendlarkort Hamnpris Onlinepris AutoBizz Smart OBS! The main attraction of Kulturhavn Kronborg is Kronborg Castle, a unesco World Heritage Site.

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SEK 1/1 - 31/5 2018, hamnpris, onlinepris. 6 The route is known as the HH Ferry route and has been sailed by several shipping lines through history. There are another 6 stations or train stops within the city and connected suburbs. Pendlarkort kan endast köpas av medlemmar i pendlarklubben 46 enkelresor (gäller 1 mån) 655:- Rabattkort Hamnpris Onlinepris AutoBizz Smart 10 enkelresor 385:- 50 enkelresor senior 65 år (gäller 1 mån) Kortet säljes mot uppvisande av giltig legitimation är personligt. Morten Rudå (born 1960) Norwegian actor. Elsinore, is a city in eastern Denmark. Simon Spies (19211984) Danish tycoon. The car ferry terminal is connected to the town's main railway station. It is described as an "Elsinorian figure" and greets Gordon with "Alas, poor Gordon!

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