Muf stockholm summercamp

muf stockholm summercamp

around Sweden. Against political oppression and coercion. Additional members included Lars Hindrum, Ida Drougge, Evelina Kogsta, and Péteris Timofejevs Henriksson. At the annual conference, a national executive is elected. 9 Like its opponents in the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League, the Moderate Youth League has suffered from divisions between different factions.

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Apart from these, the Youth League publishes no manifestos or political programmes of any sort. Additional members included Jonas Jesslén, Sofia Andersson, Sara Persson and Lucas Kramer. This results in the age of members spanning the whole age-spectrum from roughly 15. At the congress in Lycksele in 1992, Fredrik Reinfeldt, the former leader between of Moderate paddel stockholm frihamnen Party, was elected chairman, defeating the neoliberal Ulf Kristersson. National board members edit The 2009 Moderate Students national board consisted of chairman Caroline Garsbo, first vice chairman Jonas Grafström, second vice chairman Anna Alriksson, Erik Persson, Pirita Isegran, and Cecilia Hellgren.

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