Lundahl ll 1678 mc-transformator

lundahl ll 1678 mc-transformator

core does not store energy (unlike.g. Maybe they are even better. Canuck Audio Mart is free! 0.45H in parallel LL4611-180mH-MP2 11 38 x 23 x 22 Matched Pair LL4611.

Oskar per gunnar lundahl

I use the LL 1681 wired for 1:13 gain, and friends who also tried 1:26 gain, told me that using the higher gain you lose a tiny bit of definition, but nevertheless, 1:26 is usable, when necessary. Their performance is, they sound different. So two pieces LL1612-1.8-MP are automatically send to you as a matched pair. Then, from the Jean Hiraga Publication, other publications were made, like this one here. Plain iron cores are not recommended, and not available by Lundahl. Moving Coil and riaa Transformers. Replaced by LL4611 with a new core. Breadcrumb: Start Audio transformers Lundahl Lundahl, lL1678 Moving Coil. So the LL4612-0.18 has two coils of 90mH that you need to put in parallel, to get 45mH as needed here. This will cure you from testing chokes with a multi meter. The LL1678 is made with amorphous core material. Note, Lundahl coils are made allways of TWO identical coils structures on one magnetic core.