Ulrika lundgren laboratorieanalys

ulrika lundgren laboratorieanalys

the people thought it was weird. Her creative capital is the essence of Rika. To see young women wear my creations and that they are satisfied and want to buy my clothes. . Do you have a male styling icon? Its decorated like my home. After graduating from her interior design studies in Amsterdam she began to work as an interior stylist for magazines like Elle Decoration and Casa Vogue and travelled globally. So where do you see Rika in the future? I did try to develop a children collection once but in the end it turned out too expensive. Looking at Rikas collections it is no surprise that biker jackets and classic French style female chic are personal obsessions.

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I love it - classic French Parisian girl style. No, I am cautious. I am 40 years old - not. We live in an old school house rebuilt by a Dutch architect. I work a lot in Paris and London. It has black floors with white walls, ceramic vases, velvet pillows. The conversation is interrupted. I will keep focusing on the Rika collection, the Maison guesthouse and my Rika magazine and developing that. . What does it look like?

But my brand feels neither Swedish nor Dutch. Have you ever found yourself dressed all wrong in a situation when it wasnt really appropriate? Then I make a decision.

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