Beyonce födelsedagstårta lyrics

beyonce födelsedagstårta lyrics

unborn son to be like my daddy. I know I'm lucky, know it ain't easy, for men who take care of their responsibilities. So happy to see you, because you love me I overcome. There is no one else like, my daddy.

Instead you said you'd get one too (You and my momma said ya'll get one just like mine). Even if my man broke my heart today. My daddy said shoot, oh, my daddy said shoot, he held me in his arms. Intro, yee-haw, oh, oh, oh, texas, Texas (oh, oh, oh Texas.

You've given me such security, no matter what mistakes I make, you're there for. And he taught me to be strong. Here's what you do, when trouble comes to town, and men like me come around. Words can't express my boundless gratitude for you. You'd come home from work, and I jumped in your arms when I saw you. For this love is unconditional it won't go away. Daddy daddy, daddy daddy, daddy daddy, daddy daddy, daddy daddy, daddy daddy, daddy daddy, daddy daddy, i still remember the expression on your face.

beyonce födelsedagstårta lyrics