Idun loven konstskola stockholm

idun loven konstskola stockholm

things. At the same time; when you approach the actual place and look down on it from the railing above, Sergels Torg turns into a panopticicon and an abstraction. The other element of that video is me thinking about representations of groups. It is really about approaching the concepts of language and the impossibility and the imaginary in ourselves. Especially the video, it doesnt work without her.

So even my writing and my curatorial work are grounded in ideas about movement and movements. That would be my most basic justification for what I allow myself. In recent projects I have been connecting that to a wider understanding of choreography choreography as organized movement in an aesthetic and political sense. Roysdon har arbetat med förhållandet lampa ikea stockholm opinie mellan användning och reglering av offentliga platser. ER: I dont use that word really, I much more prefer to use a vocabulary of movement and choreography instead of performance and event. Dean Spade, an old friend, happened to be in town at the same time so I wrote him into the performance. I like those kinds of relationships. And I liked that connection as well. ER: I think I never really did differentiate them.

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idun loven konstskola stockholm