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his new Asgard, full of his followers, journeyed to Broxton, Oklahoma, home to Thor's fallen Asgard, in an attempt to use Heimdall's Observatory to journey to the true realm eternal, Asgard. We live on the Earth. 16 When Odin took his wife Freyja with him to the Odinsleep to help her recover from poison administered by Loki, Cul ruled Asgardia in Odin's place as regent. Citation needed Genealogy edit In other media edit Serpent appears in the 2012 social-network game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. 9 The Serpent raises his citadel.

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However, other stories have Bor as a middle-aged man being turned to snow with no mention of Cul. Usually depicted as a foe. "Thor's Day" Fear Itself 7 degerfors mot helsingborg head to head (December 2011 Marvel Comics Original Sin #5.4. He possesses superhuman strength (which is enough to shatter Captain America's shield with his bare hands speed, agility, stamina and durability, a healing factor, longevity, shape-shifting, and magic manipulation. And you do so at our pleasure." Following the death of his father Bor, Cul became the new All-Father and promised to keep his younger brothers Odin, Vili, and Ve as his trusted council. Fear Itself " storyline, Serpent was freed from his underwater prison. Stuart Immonen and, matt Fraction. "Brawl" Fear Itself 5 (October 2011 Marvel Comics Matt Fraction (w Stuart Immonen (p Wade von Grawbadger (i). . 5 All-Father After returning home to Asgard, Cul was watched over by a young girl with green eyes. 4 In his youth, while riding during the time that Earth was known as Aesheim, Cul was attacked by Giants and thrown off a peak.

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